Prescription Ordering Direct service set to close

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NHS Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) has announced that they are closing the Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service.

The announcement comes after a review by the ICB found that the service had become financially unsustainable and was causing delays to accessing medication.

POD will continue to operate until 31st March 2024. The service has been closed to new patients since the beginning of January and transition arrangements will now be put in place.

In preparation for the closure of the service, we would urge those who haven’t already to sign up for the NHS App.

These apps allow you to access a range of NHS services, including ordering repeat prescriptions and nominating a pharmacy you would like to collect them from. They’re simple to use and will allow you to continue ordering your prescriptions online.

Find out more about the NHS App here:

For those who are not able to order prescriptions via the NHS App, please contact the practice direct to discuss this further.

We appreciate that some patients will be concerned about the changes, but we’d like to reassure you that alternative arrangements will be made to ensure that everyone who used the POD service will be able to continue ordering and accessing their prescriptions.

We would kindly ask that you do not call the practice about this announcement. We will be contacting patients who use POD to confirm their options for ordering repeat prescriptions, and further information is available from the POD team, who continue to operate as normal until the planned closure date.