Flu Vaccination Clinics

Non-urgent advice: Patient Update

The vaccine programme for Flu immunisations 2022/23 is now complete.

Flu Vaccines Update

We have started inviting patients over the age of 65 and under the age of 65 for their flu vaccines. Under 65s being invited are those aged 50yrs – 64yrs and anyone under 65yrs with a chronic medical condition. You will be invited by either a phone call, text or letter.

Government guidelines state that Flu vaccines can be administered alongside a COVID booster vaccine; please note that the COVID booster can ONLY be given 6 months after your second dose – they cannot be given earlier. Boosters are for patients 50yrs+

We do not want to delay anyone’s Flu vaccine because their booster isn’t due so please get your Flu vaccine ASAP!

We plan to have all house bound patients vaccinated for Flu by the end of the November.

Please only call the practice when you receive an invite. We have staggered invites to not overwhelm our telephone lines. This is a routine services and non-urgent so please call after 10:30am.

We look forward to seeing you and getting you fully vaccinated for Flu and COVID-19.