Long Term Condition Management

Ideally patients with long term conditions are seen twice per year; once by the Nurse and once by the Doctor. 

Visit One

Generally the nurse appointment is initiated by a letter asking you to make an appointment.  (Sometimes the appointment can be preceded by an appropriate blood test).  During your appointment the nurse will also carry out a medication check.  If there are any concerns at this stage the nurse will liaise with the Doctor or advise you to make an appointment with the Doctor. 

Visit Two 

The second appointment should be with the Doctor for a medical review six months after the nurse appointment.

Of course, if patients have any other concerns during the year they will be seen in the usual manner.

Leading a healthy lifestyle if you have a long term condition can help ease your symptoms.  If you would like advice on how you can do this please call the practice and book an appointment with our Healthy Lifestyle Advisor.    

The above process allows the practice to improve patient services by reducing unnecessary attendances thereby increasing appointment access.