Practice Feedback

Did you know that you can review this practice in the same way that you can add reviews on Trip Adviser?

How do you do that?
Type NHS Choices into your web browser or click on the link NHS Choices
The link takes you directly to the page where you can leave your review.

Why would I do that?
This would assist other potential patients choose a new practice, motivates the medical team/or seek
ways to improve

When would I do that?
Whenever you have received good/poor service

Who can do this?
Any patient at the practice

What would I say?
When you are receiving good service a short thank you is so motivating for the team. If you have a poor experience letting us know means that we can look at ways of improving

NHS Choices

This is a public website run independently by the NHS for patients to assist with the process of choosing a new practice.  It it therefore a website that is available to all members of the public. 

Thank you