Pharmacy First

The Pharmacy First service enables to visit pharmacies, as a first port of call, for help with a range of common minor conditions.

The service enables pharmacists to offer advice to patients and supply NHS medicines (including antibiotics), where clinically appropriate, for:

1. Sinusitis – for children and adults aged 12 years and over;

2. Sore throat – for children and adults aged 5 years and over;

3. Earache (Acute otitis media) – for children aged 1 to 17 years;

4. Infected insect bite – for children and adults aged 1 year and over;

5. Impetigo – for children and adults aged 1 year and over;

6. Shingles – for adults aged 18 years and over; and

7. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women aged 16 to 64 years.

It is hoped that the service will be expanded to include more conditions in the future.

In the consultations with a pharmacist, people with symptoms suggestive of the seven conditions will be provided with advice and be supplied, where clinically necessary, with a prescription-only treatment under a Patient Group Direction (PGD) or a pharmacy only medicine.

If the pharmacy team cannot help with the condition the patient is presenting with, they will be referred to the appropriate healthcare access point, such as a GP surgery or A&E.

In addition to this, patients can continue to be able to access emergency prescription medicines or consultations on other minor conditions where they have been referred to the pharmacy by NHS 111, their GP surgery or other settings.